Created by the talent from house of Ramon Molvizar inspired by Eastern, Oriental culture which can bring serenity to the mind and that how it adheres to the Culture.

Vivant is the result of Spanish Art and creation combined with the Eastern spirit.


Samra is truly the magnificent royal aroma, specially created for the real judges of chic.

In the heart of this aroma, there is a refined bouquet from the most gentle, slightly tart notes of rose and jasmine-a favorite Flower of Queen Elizabeth. Joyful flower sounding smoothly passes into chords of a gentle Bergamot and warm Tangerine.

Gentle Vanilla creates the feeling of an insuperable inclination. And the final note is focused on effect created by Patchoulis and a sweetish Santalaceous tree.

The aroma of “Samra”perfume reserves the trembling loop similar to royal in which the dazzling force of greatness and Voluptuousness is combined.


Velvet sapphire is the magical eastern aroma with the European notes. It is the aroma for men and women, created with the usage If only carefully selected components, developed according to the best traditions of perfumery.

Sharpness of Cinnamon and Ylang- ylang is surrounded by the astringent Musk.

These are such notes which are firstly felt during The first seconds of the perfume’s effect. Further on a musky path flower procession enter Jasmine, Rose and Lilia. And at the head of this parade, wood notes of Sandal and Oud trees are soloists.

“Velvet sapphire”  exclusive and incredibly charismatic aroma embodying the European elegance and eastern charm, presenting The exact combination of courageous identity and feminine elegance.


The exciting and sensual “Elixir absolute” is the fragile balance between absolute feminity This uncommon aroma surprises with unexpected, provocative and really irresistible character. In the top notes of aroma, Velvet Cardamom accompanied by warm Tangerine prevails. Regal and thus always the modern combination of the Tuberose, Ylang-ylang and Jasmine gives the perfect level of refinement to aroma. And, at last, Patchoulis, Ambergris and the sweet, slightly Muffled Vanilla, supplement this exquisite aroma.

and elegant sophistication. This warm and delicate perfume shrouds the skin by the affectionate wave, awakening sensuality, imagination and aspiration To passion. It is right to say that “Elixir absolute”aroma excites and makes think of him.


Noble oud is the real masterpiece, top of perfumery art, magnificent and deep, attractive and charismatic.

It is delightful composition reveals spicy top notes of Saffron, Anis and the Cedar. The note of heart is Presented by a sensual Sandal -wood tree, tart Musk and warm Patchoulis. And, at last, the finishing chord, Is a wood note of Oud, having the reputation of the most expensive tree in the world and which for centuries Was used in production of aromas of the Eastern Sultans and Princesses.

“It is very easy to recognize the man to whom this aroma is intended”-say the authors of “Noble out”aroma.


“Sensuality-his second skin. Magnetism and charisma are so strong that force women to turn around with desire And follow him.


Sensido Platino is created for men and women, for those who does not love convention and Is constructed on contrasts -heat and cold, courage and sensuality.

Charm of a gentle Lavender in the combination with a bitterish Worm wood areshrouded in a basic wood notes Of the powerful Cedar and a mysterious Oud tree which received the name of a “gold tree”and the strongest aphrodisiac, Known as a component of many feigned potions of eastern palaces. Sensido Platino perfume has a very intriguing, courageous and mysterious aroma which envelops body by the memories About confidential gardens and magnificent palaces form Shakherezada’s fairy tales.



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